Neuro Research Labs

This is not a comprehensive list; these labs have indicated that they welcome new undergraduate trainees.

Undergraduate Neurobiology Concentration

BIO 3433
BIO 3442
and Neurobiology Laboratory
Select two of the following:6
Animal Behavior
The Computational Brain
Brain and Behavior
Cognitive Neuroscience
Laboratory Research: Biology Concentrations (Research must be in a laboratory engaged in neurobiology research.)
Total Credit Hours11

UTSA Undergraduates have lots of opportunities in the neurosciences:

To get started in research you have to start early!  Research takes time and commitment, and really distinguishes you as a serious applicant to graduate programs and medical school.  Your research will be an important point of discussion in your personal statement and interviews, and your faculty mentor's letter will be a critical recommendation for graduate applications and future jobs.  Make the most of your time in a research lab.  Take the time to really understand the goals of the lab as a whole, and how your daily work fits into it.  If research interests you, we recommend that you read our pro-tips for how to get into a lab.  To get familar with some of our research labs, see the list below.  

Join a Neuro Research Lab

The Dept of Biology now offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology.  The concentration is a great way to become familiar with some of the big ideas in Neuroscience, and to demonstrate a specialized interest in applications to graduate or medical school.  

To declare the concentration, consult your undergraduate advisor. If you take any of the courses listed below that satisfy both the Biology degree and concentration requirements, then you may take additional upper-division Neuro courses in order to meet the minimum number of semester credit hours required for the Biology degree.

The coursework within the Neurobiology concentration must be completed with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. Students are also encouraged to enroll in BIO 4923 Laboratory Research: Biology Concentrations as part of their program of study.

All candidates for the Concentration in Neurobiology must complete the following: