Institute Investigators

Hyoung-gon Lee PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Cell cycle & signaling in neurodegeneration

Annie Lin PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Neural stem cells & disease

Yufei Huang PhD

Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Brain computer interactions & informatics

Gary Gaufo PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Molecular & cellular approaches in neural development

Alfonso Apicella PhD

Assistant Professor, Biology

Cortical microcircuit physiology

Jenny Hsieh PhD

Professor & Semmes Chair, Biology

Gene regulation in stem cells & epilepsy therapeutics

David Jaffe PhD

Professor, Biology

Synaptic integration & plasticity of hippocampal neurons

Daijin Ko PhD

Professor, Management Science

Neurostatistics & analytics & informatics

Lindsey Macpherson PhD

Assistant Professor, Biology

Chemosensation from the tongue & gut to the brain

Kay Robbins PhD

Professor, Computer Science

Modeling, visualization & analysis of EEG

Aimin Liu PhD

Lutcher Brown Distinguished Professor, Chemistry

Metalloprotein & enzymatic neurochemistry

Asif Maroof PhD

Assistant Professor, Biology

Neural stem cell differentiation & patterning

Isabel Muzzio PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Neural basis of spatial memory

Carlos Paladini PhD

Professor, Biology

Cellular & circuit mechanims of addiction & motivated behavior

George Perry PhD

Semmes Foundation Distinguished University Chair in Neurobiology

Cytopathology of Alzheimer's disease

Robert Renthal PhD

Professor, Biology

Insect sensory systems

Fidel Santamaria PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Computation, intrinsic memory, scale free neurodynamics

Todd Troyer PhD

Assistant Professor, Biology

Neural & behavioral dynamics

Matt Wanat PhD

Assistant Professor, Biology

Neurobiology of motivated behavior

Nicole Wicha PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Neural basis of human language

Charles Wilson PhD

Professor & Ewing Halsell Chair, Biology

Basal ganglia anatomy, physiology & computation

Principal Investigators

Research Faculty

Matt Higgs PhD

Synaptic Integration & Neural Oscillations

Salma Quraishi PhD

Program infrastructure, Podcast

Zane Lybrand PhD

Regenerative medicine & Epilepsy

Post-doctoral Fellows

Danielle Dickson PhD

Language & Arithmetic, Wicha Lab

Paul Feyen PhD

Sensory Physiology, Apicella Lab

Idaira Oliva PhD

Motivated Behavior, Wanat Lab

Denard Simmons PhD

Intrinsic Properties of Neurons, Wilson Lab

Jorge Gomez PhD

Astrocyte Physiology, Paladini Lab

Claire Stelly PhD

Motivated Behavior, Wanat Lab

Anand Kulkarni PhD

Computational Neuroscience, Paladini Lab