Presented by the UTSA Neuroscience, Developmental & Regenerative Biology (NDRB) Dept & UTSA Neuroscience.  Seminars are held Thursdays during the academic year, 12-1pm CST in the BSB Loeffler Rm, 3.03.02.

Spring 2023 Neuroscience Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
1/19 Kimberly Christian, PhD Univ. Pennsylvania Cell-type specificity in the rodent hippocampus and human iPSC models Wicha
1/26 Jadiel Wasson, PhD Univ. Basel From parental perception to embryonic interpretation: How environmental cues are communicated to progeny Wicha
2/2 Elizabeth McCullagh, PhD Oklahoma State Univ The role of early brain processing on the auditory system of a mouse model of autismWicha
2/9 Meike Esther van der Heijden, PhD Baylor College of Medicine Functional Investigation of Cerebellar Development in Health and Disease Wicha
2/16 Rakez Kayed, PhD UTMB Brain Derived Biologically Relevant Tau Aggregates in Alzheimer's and Tauopathies Perry
2/23 Zoe McElligott, PhD UNC Hindbrain and amygdalar circuits in substance use disorders Wanat
3/2 Carmen Canavier, PhD LSU Health Interneuronal network model of theta-nested fast oscillations predicts differential effects of heterogeneity, gap junctions and short term depression for hyperpolarizing versus shunting inhibition Olivares
3/9 Lauren Dobbs, PhD UT Austin Influence of enkephalins on striatal circuit activity and cocaine reward Wanat
3/16 Spring Break
3/23 Hye Young Lee PhD UT Health San Antonio Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying FXS pathophysiology and its gene-therapy strategies Lee
3/30 Jayeeta Basu, PhD NYU Circuit Mechanisms underlying Dendritic Integration and Context Dependent Ensemble Coding Savelli
4/6 Mark Goldberg, MD UT Health San Antonio Corticospinal Tract Plasticity in Stroke Recovery: Maps and Molecules Hsieh
4/13 Steve Chang, PhD Yale Social decision and vicarious reward in the primate brain Burgos-Robles
4/20 Hiroyuki Kato, PhD UNC Cortical and subcortical pathways for temporally precise sound integration in the secondary auditory cortex Apicella
4/27 Kara Federmeier, PhD Univ. Illinois Connecting and considering: How the brain finds meaning in time Allevato/Wicha