Presented by the UTSA Neuroscience, Developmental & Regenerative Biology (NDRB) Dept & UTSA Neuroscience.  Seminars are held Thursdays during the academic year, 12-1pm CST in the BSB Loeffler Rm, 3.03.02.

Spring 2024 Neuroscience Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
1/18 Itamar Lerner, PhD UTSA The contradictory effects of REM Sleep on the processing of stress Wilson
1/25 Michael Long, PhD NYU School of Medicine Neural mechanisms of interactive communication Wilson
2/1 Lori Holt, MD UT Austin Listening in on auditory learningWicha
2/8 Joshua Neunuebel, PhD Univ. Delaware Decoding Mouse Ultrasonic Communication During Social Behavior Apicella
2/15 Yarimar Carrasquillo, PhD NIH/NCCIH Dialing pain up and down in the amygdala Macpherson
2/22 Janko Gospocic, PhD UT Southwestern Hormones and High Society: Control of Caste Identity in Ants Barton
2/29 Dwight Bergles, PhD Johns Hopkins Univ. Sounds in Silence: how non-sensory cells in the ear initiate maturation of the auditory system Silveira
3/7 Lynn Dobrunz, PhD Univ. Tennessee Health Science Center Role of the Anti-Anxiety factor Neuropeptide Y in Synaptic Plasticity and Traumatic Stress Silveira
3/14 Spring Break
3/21 Dennis Sparta, PhD Univ. Illinois Chicago Dissecting extended amygdala circuits in aberrant motivated behavior Wanat
3/28 Bradley Lega, MD UT Southwestern Multi-method characterization of human episodic memory circuits Hsieh
4/4 Kara Marshall, PhD Baylor College of Medicine Feeling the force: the role of PIEZO ion channels in interoception Macpherson
4/11 Guo-Qiang Zhang, PhD UT Health Houston Rapid Standing Up of Specimen and Sequencing Library Portals for the NIH BRAIN Initiative Cell Atlas Network Hsieh
4/18 Nancy Philp, PhD Thomas Jefferson University Eye candy: re-examining the role of glucose and aerobic glycolysis in function Camacho
4/25 Annual Neuroscience Symposium
5/2 Skirmantas Janusonis, PhD Univ. California, Santa Barbara An Axon Matrix That Should Not Exist: Serotonergic Fibers, Reimaged and Reimagined Santamaria

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