Presented by the UTSA Neuroscience, Developmental & Regenerative Biology (NDRB) Dept & the Neurosciences InIstitute.  Seminars are held Thursdays during the academic year, 12-1pm CST in the BSB Loeffler Rm, 3.03.02, or via zoom link (indicated below).

Spring 2022 Neuroscience Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
1/20 Ken Hargreaves DDS PhD UT Health You are what you eat: The role of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids in pain HG Lee
1/27 Roger Clem PhD Mt Sinai GABAergic mechanisms of emtotional memory in the prefrontal cortex Muzzio
2/3 Reserved for Faculty Candidate
2/10 Dan Butts PhD Univ MD More than meets the eye: Visual processing in natural contexts Troyer
2/17 Sarah Burke PhD Univ FL Med A systems level approach to understanding the neurobiology of cognitive aging Savelli
2/24 Caitlin Orsini PhD UT Austin Amygdala-striatal circuitry during risk-based decision making Wanat
3/3 Ben Novitch PhD UCLA Integrative modeling of human brain development & neurodevelopmental disorders Hsieh
3/10 Fidel Santamaria PhD UTSA Fractional differentiation and long term intrinsic memory in neuromorphic and neuronal sensory systems Wilson
3/17 Spring Break
3/24 Tom Finger PhD Univ CO Chemical Synapses Without Synaptic Vesicles: Mapping the Taste Bud Connectome Macpherson
3/31 Aryn Gittis PhD Carnegie Mellon Circuit-based strategies for long-lasting motor recovery following dopamine depletion Wilson
4/7 Marco Pagani PhD IIT (Italy) Clustering functional connectivity alterations in autism with cross-species fMRI Bertero
4/14 Consuelo Walss-Bass PhD UTH Houston Patient-derived brain-based mechanistic studies of mental health disorders Carless
4/21 Heidi Meyer PhD BU Mechanisms of fear regulation across the landscape of adolescence Burgos-Robles
4/28 Hojoon Lee PhD Northwestern The sense of taste: The good, the bad, & the ugly Macpherson