The Neurosciences Research Symposium is an annual day of immersive research talks featuring a panel of leading researchers assembed by one of our Investigators, to offer a framework for understanding key concepts and the state-of-the art in that investigator's research field.  They are enriching for expert and novice alik, and are one of our flagship events for intellectual exchange.

Join us online for this year's symposium, A Gut Feeling: Chemosensory signaling from the tongue & gut to the brain.

Symposia are free and open to members of the public.  Trainees of all level are invited to drop in between classes to enjoy some world class neuroscience research.  

Find discussions with our panel in our podcast series, Neuroscientists Talk Shop.

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UTSA Neuroscience Annual Symposia

2020   A Gut Feeling: Chemosensory signaling from the gut to the brain

Susanne Appleyard (Wash State), Ivan de Araujo (Mt Sinai), Diego Bohorquez (Duke), Lindsey Macpherson (UTSA), Alan Spector (FL State)

2019   Brain Oscillations in Parkinson's Disease

Mark Bevan (Northwestern), Robert Turner (Pitt), Judith Walters (NINDS), Jerrold Vitek (UMN), Charles Wilson (UTSA)

2018   Astrocytes in Synaptic Control

Alfonso Araque (U of MN), Philip Haydon (Tufts), Erik Herzog (Wash U), Carlos Paladini (UTSA)

2017   Neural Codes of Navigation

André Fenton (NYU), James Kneirim (Johns Hopkins), Isabel Muzzio (UTSA), David Redish (U of MN)

2016    Dopamine Neurons & Motivated Behavior

Stan Floresco (UBC Canada), Patricia Janak (Johns Hopkins), Hitoshi Morikawa (UT Austin), Nao Uchida (Harvard), Matt Wanat (UTSA)

2015    Cortical Sensory Processing: The Interplay Between Excitation & Inhibition

Alfonso Apicella (UTSA), Dan Feldman (Berkeley), Raju Metherate (UC Irvine), Massimo Scanziani (UCSD, HHMI), Li Zhang (USC)

2014   Neuron Regeneration (2 day joint symposium with the UTSA Cell & Molecular Program)

Bruce Appel (UC Denver), Philip Horner (UW Seattle), Jenny Hsieh (UT SW), Anthony Koleske (Yale), Arnold Kriegstein (UCSF), Annie Lin (UTSA), Vance Lemmon (U Miami), Bettina Winckler (U Va)

2013    Avalanches Pools & Pitfalls: Power Law Dynamics in the Brain

Larry Abbott (Columbia U), John Beggs (U of Indiana), Dietmar Plenz (NIMH), Fidel Santamaria (UTSA)

2012    Neural Dynamics & Coding

Uri Eden (Boston U), Adrienne Fairhall (UW Seattle), Eugene Izhikevich (Scholarpedia), Eric Shea-Brown (UW Seattle), Todd Troyer (UTSA)

2011   The Bilingual Brain

Karen Emmorey (SD State), Judith Kroll (Penn State), Lee Osterhout (U of WA), Nicole Wicha (UTSA)

2010    Wiring the Nervous System from Brain to Spinal Cord  

Raj Awatramani (Northwestern), Jeremy Dasen (NYU, HHMI), Gary Gaufo, Goichi Miyoshi (NYU), Pasko Rakic (Yale)

2009    Ion Channels & Firing Patterns of Dopamine Neurons

Bruce Bean (Harvard), Carlos Paladini (UTSA), Jochen Roeper (Goethe, Frankfurt), Jim Surmeier (Northwestern), John Williams (OHSU)