UTSA Neuroscience Distinguished Public Lectures

2020    Ted Abel, PhD, University of Iowa (Canceled)

Insights into the Neurobiology of Autism

2019    Brian Kaspar, AveXis.

Translation of Gene Therapeutics in Neurological and Neuromuscular Diseases

2018    George Perry, UTSA.

In Search of a Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

2017    James Surmeier, Northwestern University.

A Strategy for Slowing the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease

2016    Howard Eichenbaum, Boston University.  

Hippocampus:  Memory in space & time

2015    Fred Gage, UCSF.

Neuronal Plasticity and Genomic Diversity

2014    Richard Palmiter, University of WA.

Neural Circuits of Aversion: Learning to avoid bad situations

2012    Erich Jarvis, Duke Medical Center, HHMI.

Learned Birdsong & the Neurobiology of Human Language

2011    Anne B Young, Harvard/MGH.

Huntington’s Disease: From gene to therapy

2010    Kristof Koch, CalTech.

The Neurobiology of Consciousness

2009    Nancy Wexler, Columbia University.  

Expansions on a Dream: From cause to cure of Huntington’s Disease

2009a   Alice Wexler (companion lecture with American Studies Program & Honors College)

Stigma, Secrecy & Medical History: What we can learn from Huntington’s Disease

The UTSA Neuroscience Distinguished Lecture for the Public is an annual outreach lecture that gives the San Antonio community direct contact with  leading ideas about the brain and neuroscience research from the influential neuroscientists that have defined key conceptual spaces and advances in contemporary neuroscience.  

Lectures are preceded by a reception, and members of the community are invited to engage with our eminent guest and our neuroscience faculty.

This year, our Distinguished lecture will be given by George Perry.  Find out more, here.

Find discussions with our guests in our podcast series, Neuroscientists Talk Shop.

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