Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
8/29 Nicole Wicha PhD UTSA Linguistic  and cultural diversity: The importance of bilingual and cross-linguistic perspectives for understanding language in the brain Wilson
9/5 Matt Wanat PhD UTSA Mesolimbic dopamine circuits in positive and negative reinforcement Wilson
9/12 SYMPOSIUM - All Day Oscillations in Parkinson's Disease panel: M. Bevan (Northwestern); R. Turner (Pitt); J. Walters (NINDS); J. Vitek (UMN); C. Wilson (UTSA)
9/19 TBA
9/26 Linda Overstreet-Wadiche PhD UAB Synaptic function of adult-born neurons Hsieh
10/03 Michael Smotherman PhD TAMU Auditory cortex circuits for reconstructing a bug's shape from a bat's echoes Troyer
10/10 Ottavio Arancio MD PhD Columbia U Alzheimer's Disease: Confuting the Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis HG Lee
10/17 Luis Carillo-Reid PhD UNAM Manipulation of behavioral performance induced by targeted activation of cortical ensembles Santamaria
10/24 Michelle T. Diaz PhD Penn State Neural and behavioral age-related differences in language production Wicha
10/31 Sophie Caron PhD U of Utah Sensory representation in the Drosophila brain MacPherson
11/7 Ajay Dhaka PhD U of WA Somatosensory receptors and receptor channels MacPherson
11/14 Stephen Maren PhD TAMU Neural circuits for extinction and relapse of fear memories Wanat
11/21 Jason Christie PhD Max Planck FL Neural circuits for learning in the cerebellum Santamaria
11/28 Thanksgiving
12/5 Li Zhang PhD USC Local circuits and receptive fields in the primary auditory cortex Apicella

Presented by the UTSA Department of Biology and the Neurosciences Institute.  

All seminars are held in BSB 3.03.02, Main Campus, 12-1pm.

Fall 2019 Neurobiology Seminars