Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
1/17 Sarah Woolley PhD McGill Plasticity of auditory perception and preference in a songbird Troyer
1/24 Jeff Golden MD Harvard Medical School Genes and metabolism in interneuron development and disease Hsieh
1/31 Liberty Hamilton PhD UT Austin Using intracranial recordings to understand speech processing in the human brain Wicha
2/7 Kimberley Phillips PhD Trinity University Cognitive Aging in Common Marmosets Macpherson
2/14 Jon Sakata PhD McGill Mechanisms that shape vocal learning in songbirds Troyer
2/21 Catharine Winstanley PhD UBC Against odds: Rodent models & the synergy between risky choice, addiction, & reward cues Wanat
2/28 Amanda Sharpe PhD Oklahoma U HSC Differentiating the role of proopiomelanocortin peptides in food reward Paladini
3/7 Stephen Maren PhD Texas A&M Neurobiology of inhibitory control, impulsivity & dementia Wanat
2/21 Tibor Koos PhD Rutgers Newark New ideas about striatal circuit organization Paladini
3/28 Robert Buchanan MD Dell UT Austin The Holy Grail: In-Vivo Studies of the Conscious Human Brain Wilson
4/4 Craig Blackstone MD PhD NINDS Shaping the endoplasmic reticulum in neurons: insights from the hereditary spastic paraplegias Hanna
4/11 Michael Bruchas PhD WUStL Dissecting Neuromodulatory Circuits and Signaling in Affective Behavior Wanat
4/18 Maya L. Henry PhD UT Austin Imaging markers of decline and recovery: Structural and functional brain changes in primary progressive aphasia Wicha
4/25 Dan Llano PhD U of I Urbana-Champaign Sounds from the deep: Cortical modulation of auditory subcortical function in the mouse Apicella
5/2 Ivan Soltesz PhD Stanford Organization and control of hippocampal circuits Hsieh

Presented by the UTSA Department of Biology and the Neurosciences Institute.  

All seminars are held in BSB 3.03.02, Main Campus, 12-1pm.

Spring 2019 Neurobiology Seminars