Presented by the UTSA Neuroscience, Developmental & Regenerative Biology (NDRB) Dept & the Neurosciences InIstitute.  All seminars are held Thursdays during the academic year, 12-1pm CST.  In person seminars (noted below) will be held in the BSB Loeffler.  Zoom links will be provided for remote seminars.  

Fall 2021 Neuroscience Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
8/26 Alfonso Apicella PhD UTSA Long-Range Cortical Inhibitory control of Auditory Processing Wilson
9/2 Anthony Burgos-Robles PhD UTSA Neural Representations of Threat Avoidance Wilson
9/9 Chris Gamblin PhD UTSA Straining to Model Tau Aggregation in vitro Wilson
9/16 Max Fletcher PhD UTHSC Memphis The impact of novelty and familiarity on cortical taste coding Macpherson Join Zoom
9/23 Doug Nitz PhD UCSD Cortical and Hippocampal Representation of Paths and Path Networks Savelli BSB Loeffler
9/30 Tiffany Donaldson PhD UMass CRACKing the myth of prenatal cocaine effects Wicha Join Zoom
10/7 Fabricio Do-Monte DVM PhD UT Health Houston Neural circuits regulating approach-avoidance conflict Burgos-Robles BSB Loeffler
10/14 Laura Ewell PhD UC Irvine Impaired Working Memory in a Mouse Model of Focal Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Hsieh Join Zoom
10/21 Elissa Hallem PhD UCLA The neural basis of host seeking in skin-penetrating nematodes Macpherson Join Zoom
10/28 Asohan Amarasingham PhD CUNY Agnosticism about neural codes: implications for neurophysiology Troyer BSB Loeffler
11/4 Elizabeth Gould PhD Princeton Investigating hippocampal plasticity & social memory Hsieh Join Zoom
11/11 Jason Stein PhD UNC Genetic variation influencing human cortical development and structure Carless BSB Loeffler
11/18 Steven Ramirez PhD BU CANCELED Matthew Lopez (PhD Student)
11/25 Thanksgiving
12/2 Srdjan Antic MD UConn Health Glutamate-Mediated Dendritic Plateau Potentials in CNS Neurons Wilson BSB Loeffler