Presented by the UTSA Neuroscience, Developmental & Regenerative Biology (NDRB) Dept & the Neurosciences Institute.  

All seminars are held Thursdays during the academic year, 12-1pm CST.  

Fall 2021 Neuroscience Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
8/26 Alfonso Apicella PhD UTSA Long-Range Cortical Inhibitory control of Auditory Processing Wilson
9/2 Anthony Burgos-Robles PhD UTSA Neural Representations of Threat Avoidance Wilson
9/9 Chris Gamblin PhD UTSA Straining to Model Tau Aggregation in vitro Wilson
9/16 Max Fletcher PhD UTHSC Memphis The impact of novelty and familiarity on cortical taste coding Macpherson Zoom Link
9/23 Doug Nitz PhD UCSD Cortical and Hippocampal Representation of Paths and Path Networks Savelli
9/30 Tiffany Donaldson PhD UMass CRACKing the myth of prenatal cocaine effects Wicha
10/7 Fabricio Do-Monte DVM PhD UT Health Houston Neural circuits regulating approach-avoidance conflict Burgos-Robles
10/14 Laura Ewell PhD UC Irvine Impaired Working Memory in a Mouse Model of Focal Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Hsieh
10/21 Elissa Hallem PhD UCLA The neural basis of host seeking in skin-penetrating nematodes Macpherson
10/28 Asohan Amarasingham PhD CUNY Agnosticism about neural codes: implications for neurophysiology Troyer
11/4 Elizabeth Gould PhD Princeton Investigating hippocampal plasticity & social memory Hsieh
11/11 Jason Stein PhD UNC Genetic variation influencing human cortical development and structure Carless
11/18 Steven Ramirez PhD BU Imaging and artificially manipulating memory engrams Matthew Lopez (PhD Student)
11/25 Thanksgiving
12/2 Srdjan Antic MD UConn Health Glutamate-Mediated Dendritic Plateau Potentials in CNS Neurons Wilson