> Symposium 2012

UTSA Neurosciences Institute

One UTSA Plaza San Antonio TX 78249

Hosted by CBI

2012 Neuroscience Symposium

Neural Dynamics & Coding

Uri Eden PhD

Characterizing neural spiking dynamics using point process adaptive filtering

Adrienne Fairhall PhD

From Neuronal Biophysics to Adaptive Coding

Eugene Izhikevich PhD

Large-Scale Modeling of the Brain

Eric Shea-Brown PhD

Cooperative Dynamics in Neural Circuits

Todd Troyer PhD

Stochastic Dynamics of One-Dimensional Model Neurons

Sponsored jointly by The UTSA Neurosciences Institute and the NINDS sponsored Specialized Neuroscience Research Program.

Featuring (in alphabetical order):

March 20, 2012


Biotechnology Sciences & Engineering (BSE)

Room 2.102

1604 (Main) Campus

UT San Antonio

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Adrienne Fairhall

Associate Professor of Physiology & Biophysics

University of Washington

Eugene Izhikevich

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Brain Corporation Editor-in-Chief, Scholarpedia

Eric Shea-Brown

Assistant Professor of Applied Math

University of Washington

Uri Eden

Assistant Professor of Math & Statistics

Boston University

Todd Troyer

Assistant Professor

Biology, University of Texas San Antonio

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