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NIH R21MH113341

PI: Carlos Paladini

In vivo whole-cell recordings of dopamine neurons in awake behaving mice

NIH SC1GM122645

PI: Alfonso Apicella

Cortical Circuits of Interhemispheric Communication

NIH R00AG047335

PI: Asif Maroof

The Role of Cortical Projection Neurons Susceptible to Progressive Degeneration with Aging

NIH R35NS097185

PI: Charles Wilson

Oscillations and Resonance in Basal Ganglia Circuits

NIH F31DA041303

PI: Jorge Gomez

Astrocytic mechanisms for regulating dopamine neuron burst firing

NIH R01MH107229

PI: Carlos Paladini

Cellular mechanisms of dopamine neuron bursting

NIH R01DA038453

Co-PI: Carlos Paladini

Mechanism of cocaine hypersensitivity following chronic DBH inhibition

NIH R21HD079884

PI: Nicole Wicha

Brain and behavior of multiplication fact learning in bilingual children

NSF IOS1516648

PI: Fidel Santamaria, Co-PIs Todd Troyer & Nicole Wicha

Interagency BRAIN Initiative Awardees Meeting in Bethesda, MD, November 20-21, 2014

NSF IOS1451032

PI: Fidel Santamaria, Co-PIs Todd Troyer & Nicole Wicha

BRAIN EAGER: Analyzing and modeling power-law behaviors in neuroscience

NSF IOS1208029

PI: Fidel Santamaria

The effects of chloride dynamics in cerebellar computation

NIH R01NS072458 

PI: Gary O. Gaufo

Morphogen-dependent regulation of motor neurogenesis along the A/P axis

NSF EF 1137897 

PI: Fidel Santamaria

Analyzing neuronal activity when classical reaction-diffusion breaks down

NIH R00DA033386 

PI: Matthew Wanat

CRF and stress modulation of phasic dopamine release and behavior

NIH R01NS072197 

PI: Charles Wilson

A tonically active network in the neostriatum

NIH R01DAO30530 

PI: Carlos Paladini

Synaptic origin of reward prediction error in dopamine neurons