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UTSA Neurosciences Institute

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The Neural Excitability Core is available to investigators requiring fabrication and/or live animal implantation of chronic optrodes or multichannel electrodes for neuroscience research or other applications.  The core also supports stereotaxic intra-cerebral injections.  Training in injection and implantation protocols are available to investigators who wish to transfer expertise to their own laboratories.  For information or scheduling, contact us here.

The 2-Photon Physiology Laboratory is comprised of two multi-photon imaging systems fully equipped for in vitro electrophysiology and live tissue imaging.  One system has been customized for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy of low concentration fluorophores.  For information on instrumentation or terms of usage, contact us here


The Behavior Core provides central facilities and training for investigators to perform a range of behavioral testing on rodents. Find information on instrumentation and terms of usage here.